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Soccer Stars 2

Do you have what it takes to be a Soccer Star? Score a point toward next your favourite characters! Nickelodeon Soccer Stars 2, it’s taking place to you to guide your team to victory. choose your player, later run, jump and kick your mannerism to a tall score. fake football when characters from your favourite […]

Avalanche Snowboarding

Avalanche! Get some warm clothes on and join the Tasmanian Devil in this fun new Looney Tunes game Avalanche Snowboarding, only on Boomerang! You have to outpace the avalanche on your snowboard as it rushes down the mountain behind you. Collect stars and try out jumps and tricks to win points, but don’t hang around […]


It’s time to shoot some hoops! Play with or against your favourite cartoon bears in Bearsketball, the fun new We Bare Bears game on Cartoon Network. Move, shoot, block, pass, steal your way past your opponents and try to get the most baskets for your team. You’re playing for the pride of human (or bear) […]

Soccer simulator

Mad about soccer? Enjoy clicker games and idle RPG adventures? Then you’re going to love Soccer Simulator! Follow in the footsteps of footballing legends and work your way from the streets to the stadium, where fame and glory are just a few clicks away…