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Lords Of Bucharest

In Blobville every Blob has just one goal in life: to become a Lord of Bucharest! But to do this they need your help. Slide rows and columns to make matches of three Blobs or more to turn the Blobs into Lords. Including Lords in your matches will activate them, scoring you higher points!

Pastry Passion

Create tastiest Pastries in this Match 3 game. Swap 2 ingredients and get 3 or more of the same ingredients in a row.How quickly can you prepare these delicious pastries?

Pepper panic saga

Join Pepper and Sheldon on their bus tour as they search the lands looking for peppers to match, grow and explode in this exciting puzzle game!

Royal Rainbows

Polish up your manners, you’re about to enter the presence of royalty! Royal Rainbows is a new match-3 game with a twist. In this game the tiles don’t have to be adjacent to be switched. As long as they’re in the same row or column you can switch and match as you please! Switch 6 […]